Freelance translator offers professional translation services of documents and web site localization from English, French, Spanish and Portuguese into Italian.



servizi Claudia Carroccetto traduttore freelance The word "translation" does not suggest the simple modification of the text of one language (known as the "source") to another (known as the "target"), but the interpretation of the meaning of the text. The end result is a completely new creation which is equivalent to the original, but in another language.

The work of a translator is that of mediator between two texts, two languages, two cultures, and without changing the meaning and the style of the original.


Re-reading and correction of text proofs.

Document localization

Installation guides, introduction guides, on-line help, user guides and practical manuals.

Software localization

The translation of every component of a program (windows, menu and strings).

Website localization

This could be a fantastic way to open your business to international markets.

My working areas

  • Humanities:
    • Art & History
    • Advertising / Public Relations
    • Journalism
    • Tourism & Travel
    • Sports / Fitness / Recreational Activities

  • Technical areas:
    • Computers (software, apps, etc.)
    • IT (Information Technology)
    • Telecommunications
    • Marketing
    • Certificates, Diplomas, CVs

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