Freelance translator offers professional translation services of documents and web site localization from English, French, Spanish and Portuguese into Italian.

About me

my photo - Claudia Carroccetto freelance translator All my education, from elementary school to university and post-graduate, has been influenced strongly by coming into contact with foreign languages and studying them. My first introduction to them was at secondary school, where I began studying English, French and Latin, all of which I continued to study in depth at high school. I became more and more fascinated by this field and decided to enroll at the Facoltà di Lingue e Letterature Straniere di Catania (Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature of Catania). As time passed this interest became a passion, one which has motivated me to continue my education and to keep constantly up-to-date.

bandiere europee Claudia Carroccetto freelance translator During my time at university I dedicated myself to the technique of translation, which included practical exercises and various exams. In addition, the field in which I worked during those years - tourism and hotels - has allowed me to develop the outstanding ability to communicate and adapt to different registers and to extend my knowledge of sectorial language. In fact, I have often been the go-between between a company and a client, translating brochures, emails and also orally.
During these last years, I continue learning languages, getting some linguistic certificates. Especially, the DELE Superior (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language), the DALF C1 (Diploma in Advanced French Language), the CAE (Certificate in Advanced English, level C1) and the CELPE-Bras (Certificate of Proficiency in Portuguese for Foreigners, level C1)

"The desire to communicate" is what motivates me to constantly improve myself. Communication is the basis of all relationships and one of my passions is to tear down linguistic barriers. At the same time, I believe we need to support the planet's linguistic diversities, because they represent something unique.


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